Going Back to a Home I Never Knew

[Narratively] Thirty-three years ago, my mother fled Hong Kong for the opportunity of a lifetime in the West. When I made the reverse move, we both learned more than we ever expected to about where we belong.

BeaverTails Are the Canadian Pastries Taking Over the World

[Extra Crispy] To make a BeaverTail doughnut, whole wheat dough is hand-stretched into an oval shape and fried in canola oil. It’s still warm when the pastry is served, topped with cinnamon and sugar or more extravagant additions like cheesecake spread sprinkled with Skor bits. In Canada, it’s an indulgent favorite found at theme parks, ski lodges, and summer festivals in the eastern half of the country. And unlike your average doughnut or pastry, part of the BeaverTails experience is watching the decadent treat being prepared in front of you.

Are We Going Under?

[Time Out] With soaring rents, complaining neighbours and the ongoing ‘permit situation’, Hong Kong’s underground venues are desperately struggling to survive. 

Hot Seat: Fatboy Slim

[Time Out] He was a phenomenon in the 1990s, but often under a haze of booze. Now sober, the big beat master from Brighton tells Andrea Yu why he’s here to stay.