Inside a maximalist Hamilton bungalow with hand-painted murals

Marina Porter, a vintage reseller, has always been drawn to fun and colourful objects. After graduating from Humber College’s fashion arts program in the mid-2010s, she rented an apartment at Kingston Road and Victoria Park from a landlord who let her select her own paint colours. She chose periwinkle and pink, pairing them with tropical wallpaper and vintage rattan furniture. The experience stoked her interest in retro design. “I felt like I could really express myself,” she says.

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Announcing the Winners of the CB Innovation Awards 2024

In the past year, businesses have had to navigate a landscape marked by whiplash-inducing technological advancements, undeniably urgent evidence of climate change and ever-shifting consumer values that increasingly prioritize social responsibility. The companies that simply keep up with digital transformation, sustainability best practices and workplace wellness trends can survive, but it takes a future-focused commitment to driving meaningful impact to truly thrive in 2024 and beyond.

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